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"Your journey to YOUR BEST SELF

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Do you want to take your cardio workouts to a higher level? 


We are known for our high intensity training.  Pushing people way out of their comfort zones is what we are good at. 


We will transform you into a lean, mean, muscle machine.  We offer personal coaching in a safe and vibrant environment where people celebrate ALL your successes! 


Our community eat healthy to fuel our bodies to push us even further, may it be with cardio, or with weights.  If a class setting is too intimidating for you, then you can choose to do your own training programme in our open gym between 10am and 2pm daily. 


The options are endless! 


It will still be you, but better, faster, stronger! 



Young or Old, Fit or unfit, we have a package deal to suit you at Super M's Community Fitness




I joined Super M's Community Fitness in the beginning of February 2019. After 3 weeks I took part in a competition, where I never felt so supported and strong in my lifetime. Since then I have gained more strength and confidence in myself and courage in my workouts. Community Fitness has really become my passion and there is nowhere I would rather train. At Super M's Community Fitness I have found my home and family.

Helen Wakeford

May, 2019

My Community Fitness journey began in October 2018. It has been an amazing adventure that has not only made me physically stronger, but an all-around better person. 

7 months ago, I started a new chapter and wanted to be a healthier me and a role model for my child but after having my son 4 years ago, I found it hard to get back into doing some form of exercise. I found it hard to get back into an exercise routine that I was in before my son arrived. That all changed when my husband introduced me to Community Fitness. And ever since then, I have been hooked. I’ve always been an active person, enjoyed playing sports throughout school and being apart of a gym after school, but I just wasn’t happy. I wanted to feel part of a family, a Community Fitness family. 

Not only did I find Super M's Community Fitness, I found a community/family who also had the same passion for fitness that I have. It has changed my life as well as my husband. My husband and I have found something we both enjoy. We have learned to challenge ourselves and set goals at the box. At Super M's Community Fitness, I have seen just how far I can push myself and have done things I thought were never possible. I’m lifting heavy things, getting stronger and moving faster. I have learned to fail without being a failure. Super M's Community Fitness is my home away from home, where I come to meet up with my Community Fitness family. Here we motivate and encourage each other, as well as helping others get their Personal Best for the first time or maybe for a second or third time Coach Maritsa aka Super M is the absolute best coach. She has the patience of a saint and never loses faith in your ability to reach the unachievable. She pushes you to go further, lift heavier and always do one more, all with the best and safest form possible. She is always encouraging me and telling me “You’ve got this! You can do this!”. She is always on your side, motivating you every step of the way.

Candice Ross

May, 2019

Super M


1 Power Lane, Howick

Tel: +27(82) 550-2861

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